How Do You Place an Order on StaplesLink?

To place an order through the online StaplesLink office supplies ordering system, you must be a corporate customer of Staples with an existing procurement contract in place. The system automates many procurement functions, such as order approval and company-specific pricing, and tracks all orders.

To register with the system, a prospective customer submits contact and company information. Within 48 hours, StaplesLink creates an account for a qualified customer.

Following account creation, the process of ordering takes place through a logical sequence of input menus. An approved user searches an online catalog that lists prices customized for his company. StaplesLink automatically stores commonly ordered products in an Order Template, making quick work of repeat orders. If the customer chooses to implement an internal approval process, StaplesLink automatically notifies defined approvers and provides a real-time status update of all orders awaiting approval. Any spending limit defined for the purchase displays on the order page. If orders placed exceed the limit, the system requires approval prior to order placement

Once an order receives approval, StaplesLink provides tools for easy status tracking through the delivery system. Users receive status updates via email that include both shipping and docket number. Orders ship automatically to the default address the customer provides during registration; however, individual orders can ship with specific delivery information, such as cost center or project ID.