How Do You Place an Order for Industrial Goods With McMaster-Carr?

To place an initial order with McMaster-Carr for industrial goods, visit the company's website and place an online order. Alternatively, contact the company directly at its sales and customer service phone number. Existing customers are sent a McMaster-Carr catalog and can order items found in its pages.

McMaster-Carr operates a user-friendly website on which customers can easily find specific items by typing products into the search bar at the top of the page. Customers can opt to use the build order page, which keeps track of quantities chosen for each product. Creating an account allows customers to retrieve order history information and speed up the ordering process for re-orders.

McMaster-Carr features numerous categories of items for sale at its website, including piping, tubing and hosing, flow and level control, filtering, electrical and lighting and power transmission. Companies use the site to find parts needed for repairs. For example, heating and cooling systems can be fixed with items such as thermostats and heat exchangers. Keeping company restrooms stocked and ready for use is easy when selecting items from McMaster-Carr's plumbing and janitorial sections. Upgrade staff restrooms with privacy partitions, hand cleansing units and hand dryers.

The office supplies sections provides companies with a wide range of functional items such as food service equipment for break rooms.