Where Is the Best Place to Buy Commission-Free Euros?

place-buy-commission-euros Credit: Chung Sung-Jun / Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Money.co.uk notes that the top 10 places to buy commission-free Euros include Travelex, American Express, Virgin Atlantic and The Currency Club. Each offers online ordering with home delivery. Some sites, such as Travelex, offer commission-free currency pick up at store locations.

The Guardian notes that even if currency is purchased without a commission, there may be additional fees, such as a delivery or processing service fee applied to the order. Other conditions may apply to ordering commission-free currency, such as different exchange rates at different companies or a minimum order amount. Even if currency is listed as commission-free, fees may be figured into the exchange rate to make up for the company's lack of commission. Exchanging or purchasing a lower amount of currency may be more expensive than ordering a larger amount.