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To place an add in most Pennysaver publications, visit the Pennysaver's website, and after reviewing the submission guidelines, place the ad online. As of 2015, for Central New York's online Pennysaver, individuals must pay for private classified ads and commercial ads. To place a free classified ad, it must be non-commercial, and if selling something, it must be for less than $100. For all ads for this Pennysaver, users must register online and submit the content of their advertisements online.

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For some Pennysaver publications, the exact procedure for submitting a classified ad depends on whether the ad is intended for the print or online version of the Pennysaver. For the Original Valley Pennysaver, individuals can access a PDF form online that specifies the cost of placing an ad in the print magazine and what details are required of the user. However, the site also encourages users to contact it via email for a full advertising media kit to make placing ads in the physical publication easier.

For the online version of the Maryland Pennysaver, users must simply click on Place An Ad from the home page and then click Place Ad. This prompts the user to specify the ad category, and once specified, they can enter the content of the advertisement. After this, users can upload up to two images to submit with their ads. After placing the ad, they can edit it later as necessary.

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