What Are Some Pipeline Companies in North America?

What Are Some Pipeline Companies in North America?

Koch Pipeline, Colonial Pipeline Company, Driver Pipeline Company, Superior Pipeline Company and ExxonMobile Pipeline Company are five pipeline companies with operations in North America. Some of the companies have facilities in multiple locations in the United States. Each of the five companies have websites highlighting its work and services.

Koch Pipeline has operations in its home base of Wichita, Kansas; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Corpus Christi and Port Arthur in Texas. It is an indirect subsidiary of Koch Industries. Its main task is the operation of pipelines in the United States that carry chemicals, crude oil and refined products.

As of 2015, the Colonial Pipeline Company has pipe systems that go through 13 states to over 265 marketing terminals in the Southern and Eastern United States. The company also serves the U.S. military by providing it with gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and home heating oil.

Driver Pipeline Company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and has divisions in other parts of the state. Mainline pipeline construction, horizontal directional drilling, and station construction and expansion are among the company's services.

As of 2015, Superior Pipeline Company operates in Oklahoma, Texas and a few other states. ExxonMobile Pipeline Company has pipelines running in several parts of the continental United States.