How Does Pilgrim Pride Use the Paperless Pay Option?

Pilgrim Pride uses the paperless pay option to provide paychecks, payroll information and updated personal account information to its employees. The company achieves this through the use of pay stubs and an e-payroll system from TALX. Pilgrim's employees access the system through following a few registration and authentication instructions.

The Pilgrim Pride paperless pay portal allows employees to access employment and income information, check pay stub data reports and adjust their account features. Employees access their accounts through the URL provided by the company.

To sign up, employees provide the employer code issued by the human resources department and click the Continue button to go to the next page where they indicate the purpose for visiting the portal, such as proof of employment or income. The system then prompts user ID input and requests a PIN to complete the process.

New employees undergo a six-step enrollment process which includes setting up a security image and question, providing an email address and phone number and changing the default PIN automatically generated by the system. After completing the registration and sign up process, employees can view and save their pay stubs online or request a fax copy of their information by phone.