What Pieces of Information Are Included on a Benefits Statement?


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A social security statement contains your names, contacts, social security number, employer and an estimate of all the benefits that you and your family can access. Additionally, the statement contains a record of all your earnings and the amount paid in social security taxes by you and your employer.

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The benefits estimate show the amount of money accessible to you at your retirement age. There is also information showing how much money you can claim at various ages and how much you can access if you become disabled. There is also information on what your family will get as survivor benefits should you lose your life. There are also conditions on page two which explains the conditions under which you can lose all your benefits, reports Socialsecurity.findlaw.

Page three of the statement contains a history of all your earnings and the amount of money that you have paid in social security taxes over the years. There are also rules explaining how one can apply for social security and the conditions before getting access to the funds.

Finally, the last part of the statement has information on the impacts of early retirement on your social security benefits for you and your loved ones, notes Socialsecurity.findlaw.

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