How Does a Pick N Pull Salvage Yard Work?


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Pick-n-Pull salvage yards buy and sell used vehicles and used. Sellers are required to provide their vehicle's title, along with any additional documentation required by state and local regulations. Prices paid for vehicles depend on the region of the individual salvage yard as well as the general demand for the particular vehicle's parts, and payment is made by check.

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To find out what specific documentation is required to sell a vehicle to Pick-n-Pull, prospective sellers can contact the company at 866-520-9750. If sellers do not possess titles for their vehicles, they are required to provide alternative documentation from the local Department of Motor Vehicles to establish their right to sell.

Pick-n-Pull salvage yards are only able to collect vehicles from within their towing areas. After sellers have made a request for the towing service, Pick-n-Pull usually sets up an appointment within 2 business days.

If a sale is made, payment will either be delivered by a Pick-n-Pull employee, mailed or held in-store for sellers to collect. Usually vehicles are then drained of fluids and stripped of other hazardous materials before they are presented to salvage yard customers. Buyers can buy the entire car or remove the used parts they wants and pay only for those.

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