How Do You Pick a Career?


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Choosing a career path requires reflecting on personality traits, life goals, talents and likes and dislikes regarding work tasks. Being naturally talented at something is a good way to find a career that meshes well with personal interests. One way to uncover these talents is to make a list of skills that are enjoyable and done with ease. Research careers that involve using skills from the list.

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If giving back to society is important, take a look at jobs that involve social causes. The working environment is another important consideration. For instance, someone who is shy may not be happy working in an environment that forces lots of social interaction. Alternatively, a person who thrives in a group setting may want to avoid careers that involve long periods of social isolation.

Location is another factor in career choice. Big cities are fast-paced and have more career opportunities than small towns. However, a smaller town often allows a person to learn and grow in a career with less stress. Either choice can affect the amount of income earned and the availability of promotional opportunities.

Work-style preferences are also important. For instance, laid-back types are often fine with flexible work environments, while some people prefer the security of a structured workplace.

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