How Do You Get PICC Line Nurse Certification?


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There is no formal certification for competency in installing PICC lines for nurses, according to PICC Resource Associates. Establishing competency requires classroom education followed by clinical practice inserting and caring for PICC lines under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.

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Although some health care organizations and educators refer to PICC certification, the term is just a catch-all phrase for health care workers with demonstrated capabilities inserting and maintaining PICC lines for patient infusion therapy, states PICC Resource Associates. Developing competency requires taking a course with classroom or online instruction in patient safety and comfort, infection control, and up-to-date industry methods and standards. The next component is practice inserting PICC lines using anatomically correct models and classmates. Further practice occurs in a health care setting under appropriate supervision, with credentials being established using the organization's own framework.

The Vascular Access Certification Corporation offers a general infusion-related certification for health care providers that includes a PICC line component. The certification is by examination and lasts three years, according to the VACC. Renewing certification requires another exam or 30 hours of continuing education credits divided among at least two programs. Because the certification process does not include a practical component, it is not a replacement for supervised practice in a health care setting.

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