How Do You Find Phlebotomist Jobs in Hospitals?


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Job seekers can find hospital phlebotomist jobs on Indeed.com. Users can filter jobs by salary range, title, company, location and job type, as well as by direct employment opportunities and postions available through a recruiter. Registered users can upload resumes and cover letters.

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A phlebotomist is a medical professional who specializes in drawing blood and collecting other samples from patients, such as urine and stool specimens. Depending on state regulations, a typical workday may also involve centrifuging blood samples. Most states require a phlebotomist to take several months of adult college-level coursework and complete a clinical period working as a student phlebotomist before receiving certification. This career typically does not require a college degree.

Hospitals that hire phlebotomists often prefer candidates who have previous experience in the healthcare field, but this is not always a mandatory requirement. To increase the chances of getting hired as a hospital phlebotomist, job seekers may wish to volunteer as a phlebotomist for a non-profit organization, such as a clinic, community hospital or drug treatment center. Job seekers can also request an unpaid internship as a phlebotomist at a local hospital to gain practical experience and become familiar with the procedures of a specific hospital staff.

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