What Is a Petty Cash Voucher?

petty-cash-voucher Credit: hidesy/E+/Getty Images

A petty cash voucher is a form used to track disbursements from an organization's petty cash fund for cash purchases of miscellaneous items. The voucher enables the organization's bookkeeper to properly account for petty cash when the fund is audited.

All types of organizations, from for-profit businesses to educational institutions, rely on financial controls to ensure money is spent for legitimate purposes. A petty cash fund is an amount of cash that is typically kept on hand for purchases that are either too small to send through a requisition process or are time-sensitive. A petty cash voucher records all of the information that an independent third party would need to acknowledge the legitimacy of the expense, including the name of the person making the withdrawal, the reason for the expense, the name of the vendor and the date of the purchase.