Why Are There Personality Questions on Pre-Employment Tests?


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Personality questions are included in pre-employment tests to help employers make assessments regarding applicants' likes and dislikes and their likelihood of harmonizing with the corporate culture. Personality questions test the applicant's fit for a job, while skills questions assess the applicant's ability to do the work.

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Taking on new hires is an expensive and time-consuming process for employers, but getting it right is important because choosing the ideal applicant can lead to increased productivity and improved morale. In the competitive world of employee acquisition, employers narrow the field and give themselves the best opportunity to match employees with jobs through pre-employment testing.

Applicants who have passed the job-specific skills tests are further gauged for desirable traits such as interpersonal skills, behavioral tendencies and leadership ability through personality testing. Accurate assessments benefit employees and employers; employees who are well matched to their work tend to be contented, happy and motivated to produce, and employers who have chosen well save on hiring and turnover costs and benefit from high-performing workers who stay with the company for the long term.

To prepare for pre-employment personality-testing questions, applicants are advised to complete a sample test, answer honestly based on their own personalities and recognize their own strengths and weaknesses.

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