What Is Personal Management?

personal-management Credit: Klaus Vedfelt/Taxi/Getty Images

Personal management is the sequence in which individuals set goals and outline short- and long-term strategies to fulfill those goals. Because personal management is highly individualized, no two people approach the system of goal fulfillment in the same ways. However, certain guidelines exist to help all types of people realize their financial, spiritual, educational and romantic goals.

For example, a young person who desires to become a medical doctor must manage her time in such a way that she accomplishes the small – but highly necessary – short-term goals that eventually lead her to her long-term goal of becoming a doctor. Over the course of her life, she cultivates time management skills to allow her to graduate high school and take the required entrance exams to gain admission into college. Once she completes her bachelor's degree, she must use her time management skills and study skills to complete her medical school curriculum and supervised hospital residency. As she takes each step to becoming a doctor, she must also develop financial goals that allow her to live comfortably while pursuing her educational and career goals. Also included in this personal management plan are spiritual goals that feed her need to find meaning in life and romantic goals that allow her to find love, get married and have children, if desired.

It is important to note that personal management goals change frequently throughout an individual's life, and the success or failure of goal achievement depends largely on communication, organizational and self-development skills.