How Do You Get a Personal Loan From One Main Financial?

To get a personal loan from One Main Financial, visit the company's website at and click Apply Now. After loan application is submitted, you receive an instant response. The application is sent to a nearby branch, and a loan specialist discusses loan options with you.

One Main Financial offers both secured and unsecured personal loans ranging between $300 and $15,000, with the maximum amounts varying by state. Each loan has a fixed interest rate and a set payment amount, so the rate and the payment remain the same for the entirety of the loan, according to One Main Financial. If you own a home or use a car as collateral, you can qualify for lower interest rates.

There are no penalties for paying a loan off early, states One Main Financial. Each loan has a 14-day guarantee, which allows you to terminate a loan for any reason and return the borrowed funds within 14 days without being subject to a penalty. If your application is approved by noon, you are eligible to receive the funds the same day. Loans also feature flexible payment terms, letting you choose your payment due date and determine if you would like to make a payment online, via phone or in person. One Main Financial has branch locations across the United States.