What Is a Personal Health Record?


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A personal health record is a stored accumulation of information related to a person’s health. This record may contain important information about family medical history, health goals, allergies and past surgeries, states Mayo Clinic.

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A personal health record may contain information such as contact information for a person’s medical practitioners, screening test records, medication dosages, chronic health problems and immunization history. It may also contain legal documents regarding end of life and a living will. The date of major surgeries; information about disease prevention; exercise and dietary habits; and cholesterol and blood pressure level readings may also be contained in a personal health record, explains Mayo Clinic.

A personal health record is useful for managing health and might even be lifesaving in an emergency. It is easier to track and record progress toward health goals with a personal health record and manage health between visits to a physician, according to Mayo Clinic. An individual decides what information to put into a personal health record and gains empowerment from it. A patient can upload information such as blood pressure readings taken from a home-monitoring device to his personal health record and share this information with his doctor. A personal health record is also useful for recording and storing doctor’s instructions received from a previous health appointment.

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