What Is a Personal Care Assistant?


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A personal care assistant is a person hired to take care of and give assistance to people who are elderly, mentally or physically disabled, sick or injured. The responsibility of a personal care assistant is to provide care in the home of a client. Some of the activities performed by personal care workers include feeding, clothing, administering medicine, house cleaning, driving and any other daily activity that is required by clients.

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Personal care assistants are usually hired by the client or the client's family to provide needed assistance and companionship. Sometimes they are appointed by a physician or a nurse, especially if a client needs to take medicine. They are trained in safety, emergency response and even cooking special diets.

Every state has its own requirements for becoming a personal care assistant, though they typically require certification if working for agencies that receive Medicare or Medicaid. A personal assistant position can be very demanding because the work requires long hours on foot and many responsibilities. Personal care assistants can provide assistance to one or more clients depending on a contract and the needs of clients. A personal care assistant is not a trained nurse or a medical professional, even though some responsibilities might overlap.

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