What Personal Banking Services Does Bank Mutual Offer?

Bank Mutual offers checking and savings accounts, credit card and check cards, personal and housing loans, and online, mobile and telephone banking. Bank Mutual has brick-and-mortar banks in dozens of Wisconsin towns, including many of the state's major cities.

Bank Mutual offers seven types of checking accounts, including some that bear interest and some without monthly charges if the customer meets certain conditions. The Works checking account has a monthly fee but, as of 2015, includes unlimited check writing and free lifetime checks, fee-free travelers checks and various types of account insurance. The bank's website has a retirement calculator and a mortgage calculator. The website also has a tool to help the customer determine which checking account is most favorable to his circumstances.

The bank offers money-market accounts, certificates of deposit and individual retirement accounts. In savings accounts, Bank Mutual has two basic savings accounts, one of which bears a higher interest rate if the customer maintains a minimum $1,000 balance. The bank also has health and education savings accounts. Bank Mutual has a service that allow customers to pay bills online and offers paperless banking, electronic statements and the ability to send money to other people's U.S. bank accounts even if they are not Bank Mutual customers.

Bank Mutual provides mortgages, home-equity loans and auto loans. The bank has a wealth management department that provides investment and insurance products.