How Does a Person Find the Right Career?


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While the right career path differs for almost everyone, someone confused about their future can think about what motivates and inspires them, what their talents are, where their passion lies and try volunteering or an internship to get a good idea about what working in their ideal career is like. Taking these steps can bring immense satisfaction in work and in life.

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Figuring out what a person enjoys, what their passion is and what motivates them is a great place to start, Forbes recommends. A hobby can possibly turn into a career with the right motivation, and a career path that a person may have abandoned can be resumed. With some training, schooling or other experience, it's possible to switch to an entirely new career path. A person with a job they love will feel more fulfilled.

A person may also want to consider taking an employment assessment test if they're really stumped. A career test queries about the person's background, skill set and direction, which could lead to the development of an idea for a job that otherwise would have been missed, career resource Assessment notes.

To really get a feel for what life would be like in this career path, try volunteering, working at an internship or even working alongside a mentor, Lifehacker advises. This real-world experience may strengthen the love for the career path or push someone in a different direction.

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