Does a Person Need Insurance to Drive Someone Else's Car?


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A person needs car insurance to drive someone else's car, either through the car owner himself or through non-owner car insurance. It is not a requirement for an individual to have his or her own insurance policy to drive a borrowed car, due to the fact that the vehicle insurance policy covers the car and not the driver. Typically, collision and comprehensive coverage covers a vehicle regardless of who is driving it.

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In cases where an individual is not insured to drive a car, regardless of who the owner is, then he or she is financially responsible for all damages resulting from an accident or any other incident. Driving without liability insurance is also not allowed by the state law and can result in fines and a possible jail sentence. Depending on the judgment, a person can lose his or her driving privileges temporarily through suspension or can lose the privilege forever through a revocation.

If an individual regularly drives a friend's car, the owner may have to list them as a driver on his insurance to ensure that the individuals covered by his plan. In the case of an accident while driving someone's car, it is the insurance covering the friend's car that will be the major insurance source, regardless of whether the person has insurance or not.

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