Why Are You the Best Person for This Job?

According to the Mississippi University of Women's Career Services Center, when asked "why are you the best person for this job?" a job candidate should combine skills, experiences and company specific information into one answer. A quick elevator speech indicates the skill needs of the specific job along with actionable examples of exercising those skills that fill a broader need within the company.

Interviewees should be prepared for an interview to determine the specific requirements of the job. Studying the job posting reveals specific skills and duties. It is also best to align those specific skill sets with a past experience, such as a skill of fundraising relating to an example of working with a team of fellow employees to plan and implement a fundraiser that triples the previous years' fundraising total. Performing extra research on the environment of the company provides more information on curtailing the answer to the specific job. Some companies emphasize a team environment, while others demand attention to hierarchy. Job searchers must remember these details when provided answers to interview questions.

Interviewees must keep the answer to this question succinct. Practice with different experiences helps interviewees adapt to the interview environment and ensures a conversational flow.