What Are Some Perks of Buying From Lowes Scratch and Dent Section?

Buying in Lowes' "scratch and dent" section is an affordable way to get high-quality appliances at a low price. Scratch and dent items are an extension of the clearance section at Lowes, where the store sells products at a large discount that a factory deems unsuitable for sale. Damage is usually minor and cosmetic in nature, which means that the purchaser gets a name-brand product that is fully functional, at a fraction of the retail price.

Discounts on these damaged products can be anywhere from 25 to 75 percent, depending on how severe the damage is. Additionally, shoppers can negotiate further discounts by asking questions and talking to customer service personnel.

Another perk of buying scratch and dent products is that purchasing multiple items often leads to deeper discounts, which is useful for new homeowners outfitting their home with appliances. When making multiple large purchases from a retailer like Lowes with a sizable inventory, shoppers have the advantage of negotiating a "bundle" deal, and the retailer has an incentive to accommodate the discount to both move the damaged stock and avoid the cost of holding further sales.

Lowes sells items in the scratch and dent section "as-is", though warranties are often available from the manufacturer.