How Do You Find the Best Performing Gold Stocks?


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When choosing the best gold stocks, investors need to know the stock's production growth, cash costs, sensitivity to gold prices and price-to-net-asset value. These metrics are the most important factors, according to Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's "Mad Money."

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The process of choosing gold stocks is different than valuing other investments because gold stocks have their own unique metrics, reports CNBC. One such metric, the earnings-per-share sensitivity, determines how well the stock withstands price volatility. The lower the sensitivity is, the more stable a gold stock is likely to be in the event of large swings in gold prices.

Another metric of gold stocks is the price-to-net-asset value, which indicates how low-priced the stock is in relation to the value of gold, explains CNBC. An indication of this is a multiple, such as 1.5, which would mean the stock is 1.5 times as expensive as the base gold equity value. The lower the multiple is, the less expensive the stock is.

A third consideration when choosing a gold stock is the company's production growth, which shows an increase in the amount of gold mined or otherwise produced, notes CNBC. A large growth would indicate a stronger company, which would create higher base value for the stock.

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