What Is on a Performance Review Scoring Sheet?

What Is on a Performance Review Scoring Sheet?

Performance review scoring sheets include questions addressing the employee performance that are answered on a scale of one to five. A score of one indicates an employee is performing unsuccessfully. Two shows partial success, while a three is awarded to employees who are fully successful. A score of four is given to those with superior performance, and a score of five is reserved for those employees exhibiting distinguished performances.

Unsuccessful performers do not meet job expectations, and their jobs may be lost. If the performance review is the employee's first, supervisors may demand that goals be met in a timely manner; otherwise, their jobs may be lost. Unsuccessful performers typically are denied raises.

Partially successful performers may do well in some areas of their jobs, but they do not meet expectations in other areas. These employees show signs of burnout or low motivation. They may need more training to grasp the technical skills related to the jobs. These employees may also be successful in their workplaces but exhibit undesirable conduct. A partial raise is sometimes awarded.

Fully successful performers are dedicated to their job and always try to improve their skills. They are considered essential members of their teams.

Superior performers are ambitious and work well with other employees. While they may not be ready for promotions at that time, they should be encouraged to continue honing their skills for possible future promotions.

Distinguished performers are ready to be promoted. They are typically the company's most valued employees.