How Do You Perform a Thorough Safety Meeting in Five Minutes?


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To perform a thorough safety meeting in five minutes, supervisors must address new or on-going safety concerns by listing potential hazards in the workplace, or by reminding co-workers to wear safety gear while working, suggests Safetyrisk.net. Supervisors can discuss workplace safety issues and precautions at the beginning of daily meetings.

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Depending on the workplace environment, supervisors can instruct co-workers to perform five-minute safety drills or complete short safety quizzes, or supervisors can address specific environmental issues that could cause harm, notes Safetyrisk.net. For example, supervisors can review how to correctly operate specific equipment to prevent co-workers from injuring themselves or others.

In addition, supervisors can hold five-minute meetings after each shift change to share important safety information with all co-workers, explains Safetyrisk.net. Addressing safety issues during each meeting allows supervisors to identify recent safety issues and hazards. Supervisors can also address changes to safety policies and confirm when these changes take affect.

To maintain a safe workplace environment, supervisors must hold regular safety meetings to review safety procedures. Supervisors must also address and correct safety issues and conduct safety audits on equipment, according to About.com. Supervisors must also oversee employee training and evaluate employee performance to correct unsafe behavior. Co-workers can provide additional input about workplace safety during meetings or during employee evaluations.

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