What Percentage Do They Take Out for Taxes?

Income tax rates withheld from a paycheck range from 0 to 39.6 percent. The percentage taken out of a paycheck for taxes depends on the person’s income, marital status and allowances claimed on that person’s W-4 form, according to Washington State University.

To calculate taxable wages for a one-week pay period, multiply the number of allowances from the W-4 form by $76, and subtract this from total wages, instructs the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Compare this amount to the IRS Percentage Method Tables for Income Tax Withholding to determine the percentage withheld. As of 2014, if the taxable income is under $43 for a single person, no tax is withheld. If income ranges between $43 and $218, 10 percent is withheld, and 39.6 percent is withheld if weekly income is greater than $7,865. The income ranges for married individuals are higher.