What Do People Who Enlist in the Navy Get Paid?

people-enlist-navy-paid Credit: Stocktrek Images/Stocktrek Images/Getty Images

The starting salary for a person who enlists in the Navy at an E1 ranking is $1,532 per month, according to the January 2014 pay scale on the Navy website. Most enlisted sailors qualify for a promotion from E1 to E2 ranking after nine months, earning $1,717 per month.

Enlisted sailors may continue to receive promotions up to level E5, which pays $2,555 per month. Most enlisted sailors can achieve an E5 ranking in four years. The Navy normally grants promotions on the basis of years of service and performance. One exception is a referral process that allows advancement to an E3 for referring friends and family who also enlist. All stated earnings are gross income. Taxes are deducted according to the income tax rate of the sailor's state of residence.