How Do People With Disabilities Find Employment?

How Do People With Disabilities Find Employment?

People with disabilities can find employment through American Job Centers, state Vocational Rehabilitation agencies, Independent Living Centers and their state Departments of Labor. These organizations all offer job placement opportunities and other resources to help workers with disabilities find employment.

American Job Centers are found in towns and cities all across the United States. These centers offer assistance with resume writing, job hunting, career counseling, computer use and more. Workers can use the website's American Services Locator to find American Job Center locations in their communities.

Each U.S. state has its own Vocational Rehabilitation agency intended to help individuals with disabilities enter the workforce. Visiting a state agency, workers can receive career counseling, job training and placement services. Each state has its own regulations about who can receive vocational rehabilitation training, so workers must consult state guidelines before visiting a center.

Independent Living Centers across the United States offer services such as job coaching and training services to help people with disabilities live independently. These centers often have information about local employers who are interested in hiring individuals with disabilities. Users can find listings for local Independent Living Centers using the Independent Living Research Utilization website.

State Departments of Labor offer substantial job searching resources, including information on resume writing, job coaching, job fairs and employment laws. Workers can find information on their local department on the Department on Labor website.