How Do You Find People to Buy Your Fresh-Harvested Ginseng?


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Find people to buy your fresh crops of ginseng by contacting local restaurants and markets, selling the ginseng at a farmer's market, or creating an online store to sell the goods directly. It is also possible to diversity the product by focusing on the seeds and rootlets and selling them through similar means.

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How Do You Find People to Buy Your Fresh-Harvested Ginseng?
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One method for selling fresh ginseng root is to contact restaurants in the area to create a supply contract, wherein the establishment agrees to purchase a certain amount of your product and use it as one of its ingredients. Similarly, you can also contact independent grocery stores, spice shops or related business and offer to sell your roots wholesale, so that they can in turn sell them in their stores. This method may require filing special tax forms with your county, depending on local business laws.

Another option is to rent a stall at a farmer's market and sell the ginseng directly to local customers. Some farmer's markets may have special requirements for renting a stall, as the events differ between areas. This method may require obtaining a table or awning for your stand, if the market does not provide them to vendors. Also, look into obtaining a device to allow customers to pay with credit or debit cards, which can increase sales, if the market allows it.

When selling your products online, create your own e-commerce website to reduce processing fees, or use a third-party auction, crafts or retail site to increase your marketing reach.

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