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Pencil sharpeners come in a variety of forms made from plastic, wood or metal and feature a cylindrical, interior pocket that is equipped with a filing material or a blade, which is the component used to cut the point of a pencil when turned. The first pencil sharpener was constructed in 1828 and made of wood and a metal file that sat at a 90-degree angle, according to the Early Office Museum.

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Pencil sharpeners have greatly evolved since their introduction in 1828. Many of the pencil sharpeners to come after featured more advanced mechanisms like the Planetary Pencil Pointer, which used a rotating crank to turn the interior two milling disks around the pencil, as stated by the Early Office Museum. Similar crank-like models that attached to a wall or desk were rapidly produced throughout the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. One of the biggest sharpener advancements was created in 1904 and became widely popularized by 1910: the Oclott Climax Pencil Sharpener was constructed of metal with spiral cut edges, a design that is highly valued today. The cylindrical shaped cutter was able to make fine cuts on the pencil, rather than grinding it, as previous pencil sharpeners had done.

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