What Are the Penalties for Using Fake Proof of Car Insurance?


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Drivers who falsify proof of car insurance face fines of hundreds to thousands of dollars. They can also lose their driver's licenses and vehicle registrations for driving without real insurance, reports About.com. Additionally, if courts convict these drivers of fraud for having improper insurance cards, they can face jail terms of up to several years.

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State penalties for driving without insurance vary, and drivers who prove that they were unaware that their insurance cards were fake may be able to avoid fines and criminal penalties, explains About.com. However, apart from criminal penalties, drivers who cause damage with their cars while driving with fake insurance cards are liable for property damage and medical expenses for injuries that they cause through their negligence. Other parties in accidents may sue for damages, and if drivers cannot afford to settle, they may lose assets such as their homes, according to DMV.org.

Although fake insurance cards may pass quick initial inspections, drivers cannot get away with the deception for long, cautions About.com. They are unable to register a vehicle or obtain license tags with fake insurance. Additionally, the law requires insurance companies to notify state departments of motor vehicles when vehicle insurance lapses, so DMVs quickly become aware of whether insurance cards are genuine. Because of interstate cooperation in use of databases, once police catch drivers in one state for carrying fake insurance cards, other states are aware of them as well.

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