What Is a Pediatric Nurse?


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A pediatric nurse works in a specialty position in the field of nursing. This specialty focuses on the care of infants and children, as well as adolescents that are under the age of 18. A pediatric nurse requires a specialty certification from the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.

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Pediatric nurses have to complete the standard education requirements to become a nurse, such as a nursing diploma, an associate's degree in nursing or a bachelor's degree in nursing. A master's degree in nursing is another possibility for someone looking to specialize in pediatric nursing. Coursework in child health or psychology is also beneficial for pediatric nurses wishing to become Certified Pediatric Nurses.

Most pediatric nurses work in hospitals or doctor's offices in private clinics. They need an understanding of the needs of young patients as well as techniques for putting children at ease during their course of treatment or doctor's visit. A pediatric nurse may also be required to discuss methods for preventing childhood diseases and the necessary nutrition for the child to grow and develop. This role may also cover obtaining vital information from the child or their parents, performing developmental screenings and giving the patient shots as directed by the physician.

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