Who Are Some Pecan Buyers in Texas?

As of 2016, Howland Pecan Company, Jackson Bros. Feed & Seed and Pecan Tree Partners Midland are among the pecan buyers in Texas. Additional buyers include the Bay Pecan Company in Gatesville and 38 Pecans in Lockhart. Some of these companies also sell pecans and pecan products or tools.

Howland Pecan Company in Paris, Texas is a family-owned business that buys, sells and cracks pecans, as well as custom cleans the nuts. The business accepts pecans in a wide variety of quantities and also has a shop that sells pecan oil, gourmet pecans, peanuts, peanut brittle and other items. The shop is only open during parts of the year. Howland Pecan Company also ships pecans to different regions of the United States.

Jackson Bros. Feed & Seed in Abilene takes shelled pecans by pound. As with Howland Pecan Company, Jackson Bros. also sells pecans and gifts, and the business possesses a pecan cracking machine.

Pecan Tree Partners Midland buys pecans in various loads, and also sells and cracks them. Texas provides certification for the company's scales. The company sells both shelled and unshelled pecans for both wholesale and retail customers. In addition to individuals, Pecan Tree Partners also shells pecans for restaurants and stores.