How Do You Get a Payroll Debit Card From Comdata?


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A company using the Comdata paycard program can issue the payroll debit card to employees. To enroll a company in Comdata’s payroll program, a company representative can contact the Comdata customer service department at 800-266-3282, as of 2015, or can initiate contact through an online form at Comdata.com.

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Comdata paycards take the place of paper checks, explains Comdata. An employee’s pay is loaded onto paycards automatically. The employee keeps and carries the paycard, eliminating any wait for paycheck distribution or travel time. Paycards can be used by employees without a bank account or other debit or credit cards. Employees can use their paycards immediately as they would a debit, ATM or credit card.

Paycards are a less costly alternative to paper paychecks for employers, notes Forbes. With a rising number of employees without checking accounts, paycards are a convenient and affordable payroll solution. However, employees may see transaction and use fees add up quickly.

Comdata paycard fees include ATM fees, card replacement fees and POS purchase fees, among others. A paycard user typically has the option to cash out at participating banks. If it is the first transaction of the pay period, no fees are assessed. A full list of fees disclosed by St. Edward’s University, a company that uses the Comdata paycard program for its employees, includes charges for balance inquiries, cash disbursements, decline fees, ATM withdrawals and more.

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