Why Is a Payroll Cash Card Useful?


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A payroll cash card is useful to employees because it provides them with convenient access to their pay each week, can often be used for online purchases and bill paying, eliminates the need for overdraft and check cashing fees and saves time since the employees won't need to pick up their paychecks, notes Rapid Paycard. Employers also benefit since transferring money to the card allows for reduced expenses, saves time and reduces the possibility of paycheck fraud, notes Global Cash Card.

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Employees also benefit from payroll cash cards since they won't need to carry money with them since they can use the cards for purchases, especially if the card is affiliated with MasterCard or another major credit card provider. Some payroll cash card providers also offer benefits like fraud protection and text message alerts to help employees monitor their cards and stay up to date with account activity, notes Rapid Paycard.

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