Which Payments Company IPO Looks Best for Potential Buyers?

As of 2015, the payments processing company Square offers an ideal investment for its IPO, or Initial Public Offering, according to Forbes. Forbes advises that even at a low offer of $13, the value of this stock is good, since the stock may increase over time due to its strong revenue growth. Predictions also include that Square is ideal as a business acquisition in the future.

Square's high growth is apparent in its first-quarter revenue growth increase of 51 percent over the previous year, explains The Motley Fool. One of the reasons for Square's growth is that small-business owners find the service easier to use than other payment processing companies. Square's value was worth about $6 billion in 2014, when collecting funding.

Some predictions indicate that investors may see the stock go up to a price range between $22 and $24 once the stock becomes public, notes Reuters. Estimates for IPO pricing range from $11 to $13 at the opening bell. Square's stock ticker symbol is SQ. Although the exact IPO date is not yet clear, some predict that Square's IPO is available for investors before the Thanksgiving 2015 holiday.

Square filed to become an IPO on Oct. 14, 2015, notes Nasdaq. Projections for shares involve an offering of 27 million shares for trade on the New York Stock Exchange, valued at more than $403 million.