What Are Some Payment Plans Available Through Irs.gov?


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Payment plans available through IRS.gov include offers in compromise, installment agreements and the ability to temporarily delay the collection process, as the Internal Revenue Service explains. When taxpayers enter into installment agreements, they agree to file future tax returns and pay owed taxes on time.

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As of 2015, taxpayers may be eligible for an online payment agreement if they owe $50,000 or less in combined income tax, interest and penalties and have filed all of the required tax returns, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Business taxpayers must owe $25,000 or less in payroll taxes and not be behind on filing returns.

If taxpayers are ineligible for online payment agreements, they still have the ability to pay their taxes in installments. They need to complete and mail Form 9465 and Form 433-F in order to apply. As of 2015, they can also call 800-829-1010 or the number listed on their bills or notices. Small business taxpayers can apply for an In-Business Trust Fund Express installment agreement, and those agreements don't usually require financial verification or a financial statement, as the Internal Revenue Service indicates. Taxpayers must agree to make all required monthly payments on time because the failure to do so makes the agreement null and void.

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