How Do You Get a Payday Loan?

How Do You Get a Payday Loan?

Obtain a payday loan by researching different lenders in your area. After selecting a lender, complete an application, and provide the required documentation. Review the loan terms upon approval, and then sign the required paperwork.

  1. Locate a payday lender

    Research available payday lenders in your area. Review the loan terms and interest rates of each lender before applying. Loan terms and lending amounts vary according to state regulations.

  2. Gather the necessary documents

    To apply for a payday loan, prepare your government-issued photo ID, checking account information and verification of employment. Many lenders also require recent pay stubs for income verification. Research any extra document requirements before visiting a local lending branch.

  3. Complete an application

    Fill out a payday loan application in-store or online. Include your contact details, employer information and desired loan amount in the application.

  4. Submit the application

    Submit the application along with all required documentation.

  5. Review and accept the loan offer

    If the lender approves your payday loan request, carefully review the terms of the loan. Examine the interest rate, repayment structure and early payoff penalties of the loan. If you agree to the terms, accept the loan offer.

  6. Receive your loan

    Wait one to two days for the payday loan to appear in your checking account.