How Does Paycor Payroll Services Work?

Paycor payroll services operate as a third-party payroll management service that provides a variety of features, including cash requirement reporting and direct deposit payments to employees. Each Paycor payroll services client is also assigned to a client success team that performs a variety of tasks, such as verifying check dates and calculating taxable wages and proper payment withholding. Paycor also provides its payroll service customers with integration files with the General Ledger software and accounting systems.

In addition to its direct deposit employee salary payment option, Paycor also offers additional payment options, including official checks issued by the company and the Paycard system. The Paycard system operates similarly to a regular deposit account, but is available to any employee without taking into account their prior credit history. The Paycor payroll system also includes a built-in notification system that alerts clients should any unusual activities occur, such as an employee's salary not being paid or changes to existing payment amounts.

Paycor's payroll services are offered through a software platform that is designed to emphasize usability and includes functionality that aids with tax filing and calculations. Paycor's clients can use its services to stay compliant with a variety of state requirements, such as providing employee child support payments and workers' compensation.