How Do You Pay a Washington Gas Bill Online?

How Do You Pay a Washington Gas Bill Online?

Customers can pay their Washington Gas bills online by registering an account and a payment method, accessing their online bills and then confirming their payments via debit or credit cards. The site allows customers to keep track of their billing information and statements without relying on the postal service or paper records, and it also lets them pay faster when they need to get their finances in order.

Customers can enroll for a paperless billing program through the Washington Gas website. This allows them to access all of their records digitally at any time.

  1. Register or log in
  2. Customers with established accounts can simply log into those accounts. Customers without established accounts must provide their account numbers and personal information in order to confirm their online account and connect to their billing information.

  3. Register a payment method
  4. The next step is to register a credit or debit card with Washington Gas. Once the payment method is confirmed as valid, the customer can begin to make payments with it. Online pay services like PayPal were not accepted by Washington Gas as of 2015.

  5. Confirm payment
  6. The final step in making a payment is to view bills, specify the amount paid and then confirm the payment. Once this is done the payment is sent immediately.