How Do You Pay Your Taxes Online for Charleston County, South Carolina?

To pay taxes online for Charleston County, South Carolina, visit the county's website at Select Online Services from the menu. Click the Tax Records link and click the Pay Taxes and View Records button to make a tax payment.

In addition to making tax payments users can also view real and personal property tax information and see auditor and treasurer records, explains the county's website. Individuals can also pay property taxes via mail by sending a check or money order made payable to Charleston County Treasurer. Individuals can pay taxes in person with cash, or with a check or money order at a Treasurer's office location. Taxpayers can only make credit card payments online. Individuals must pay with a Visa or MasterCard and are responsible for paying a surcharge.

The Treasurer does not accept partial payments of individual tax bills, notes the county's website. Taxpayers can obtain a 4 percent legal residence exemption on their taxes if they prove their only legal residence is in Charleston County and if they fill out the necessary application. Certain individuals may also qualify for the homestead exemption. South Carolina also offers exemptions for active duty military members, veterans, and individuals who are disabled. Some individuals may also qualify for property tax relief.