How Do You Pay a SunPass Toll?


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Florida SunPass tolls are paid by automatic debit from the user's prepaid account, which has to have money deposited in it in order for the SunPass transponder to be activated. Money can be added to the user's SunPass account on the Internet, by phone, by mail or at retail locations.

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On the Internet, funds can be added using a credit or debit card on the SunPass website using the Add Funds tab. SunPass also has a toll-free number by which account holders can use a credit or debit card to add funds. Customers can also send checks by mail for deposit to SunPass accounts.

There are many ways to add funds by cash also, including at any Wells Fargo Bank or SunPass office location in Florida. Many major gas stations and retail stores offer cash-refill stations, including Chevron, Marathon, Tio, Walgreens and CVS pharmacy.

All noncommercial SunPass accounts have an automatic low-balance threshold of $10 established when the transponders are activated. When this threshold is reached, some of the transponder models generate an audible notice; however, some of the mini-pass models do not. It is the user's responsibility to maintain sufficient funds in her SunPass Account. She can adjust this low-balance threshold to a higher limit if she is taking long trips on toll highways.

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