What Is the Pay Scale for Officers in the U.S. Military?


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Base pay for an active-duty officer in the U.S. Army is based on experience and rank. For example, a Major (O4) with six years of experience earns $69,987.60 per year as of 2015. A Second Lieutenant (O1) with less than two years of experience earns $34,862.40.

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Basic pay for active duty officers only includes pay. It does not include any allowances, bonuses or other benefits that the enlisted person receives. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the average compensation package for active-duty personnel is around $99,000; only around 60 percent of the package includes salary. Non-cash compensation includes retirement pay, free housing and food, health care, and education.

Officers in other branches may make more or less than Army officers. For instance, Air Force officers achieving the rank of General are compensated in the range of $187,765 to $230,879, while Second Lieutenants earn from $33,941 to $42,703.

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