What Is the Pay Scale for Naval Officers?


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The pay scale for an ensign O-1 naval officers starts at $2,934.30 plus allowances and benefits, notes the United States Navy, as of 2015. The monthly salary for naval officers increases based on rank and years of service.

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Lower ranking officers like ensigns O-1 can receive a monthly salary between $2,934.30 and $3,692.10 with 4 years of service. The monthly salary of a lieutenant junior 0-2 starts at $3,380.70 and can reach $4,584 with 4 years of service. The starting monthly salary of a commander 0-5 and a captain 0-6 are $5,157.60 and $6,186.60, respectively. A military pay raise generally happens every year due to Congress authorizing a raise due to cost of living increases, as reported by the U.S. Navy.

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