What Is the Pay Scale in England?


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Pay scales in England are charts that specify how much employees make based on their current pay grade, according to NAVCA, a national membership organization. Pay scales are typically used for positions within the government.

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Pay scales are regularly used for government jobs in England, and they specify the amount that employees can expect to make in their positions, states NAVCA. Pay scale rates typically change following negotiations between the Local Government Association and trade unions, and they are typically agreed upon for a set number of years.

Wages on the pay scale are determined by a number of factors, including wages in the current local market, the wages of others who are working within the same organization and the job's duties and requirements, among other factors.

When employees are hired into a position that utilizes a pay scale, they are placed within a certain pay grade based on their education and previous work experience. Pay scales vary by industry and organization, but many organizations, including the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers, the teacher's union, publish their current pay scales on their websites so that current and potential employees can view the current rates. Many organizations also post past pay scales so that employees can get an idea of how the rates can change after negotiations.

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