How Do You Pay Your Quest Diagnostics Bill?

Pay your Quest Diagnostics bill by either mailing the payment to the address listed on the invoice or using the online payment portal on the Quest Diagnostics website. If you are paying your bill online, you need the lab code and invoice number from the invoice. You do not need to register for an account to pay online.

Send your payment to the address listed on your invoice if you are paying by mail. You must attach the enclosed payment coupon to your invoice along with your payment, and write your invoice number on your check or money order when you are sending payment by mail. This ensures that Quest Diagnostics applies the proper credit to your account.

If you are paying online, you can store your payment and insurance information by registering at Manage My Account, on the Quest Diagnostics payment portal. However, each transaction generates a new invoice number. If paying online, the invoice number you submit must match the number on the paper invoice so that Quest Diagnostics applies to payment to the correct invoice. Even if the system stores your payment information, you still need the actual paper invoice each time for paying online. You can also sign up to receive invoices electronically.

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