How Do You Pay Your National Grid Bill Online?

How Do You Pay Your National Grid Bill Online?

How Do You Pay Your National Grid Bill Online?

To pay a National Grid bill online, individuals can either setup a DirectPay program or pay a one-time bill through the National Grid website, or they can pay the bill through their banking institution's website. The National Grid website makes it easy to login and instantly pay bills online.

The National Grid is a company that provides electricity and gas services to various parts of the United States and the United Kingdom. The company sends bills both through the mail and over the Internet, and it gives its clients the ability to set up automatic payment plans or single payments online. Use the following methods to pay a National Grid bill online.

Enroll in the DirectPay Program

Go to the National Grid website and click on "Automatic Payments" under the "Payments and Billing" menu. From here, users can click on "Enroll in DirectPay" to set up an account that will automatically pay bills each billing period.

Make a One-time Payment Online

On the National Grid website, click on "Make a one-time payment" under the "Billing and Payments" menu. Users can then check their current billing statement and make the payment online.

Pay through a bank.

Many banks allow their members to set up automatic withdrawals from their bank account to pay their bills. Individuals should go to their bank's website to set up an automatic payment schedule through their personal bank account.