How Do You Pay a National Grid Bill Online?

Customers can pay a National Grid bill online by visiting the official National Grid website and setting up a one-time bill payment through their checking or savings account or through Western Union Speedpay by debit or credit card. National Grid is a utility company based in the United Kingdom, but they also operate a National Grid USA electricity delivery branch that supplies electrical service to several New England states.

National Grid is the name of the parent company, but it also operates child companies based on the location of the electricity service, such as Massachusetts Electric Company.

Customers can visit the National Grid US website, set up an account and pay their bills directly through a checking or savings account. This free service includes an e-mail confirmation letter and a printable receipt. If users want to cancel payments, they may do so before midnight on the date the payment is sent.

Go to the National Grid website and click on "Automatic Payments" under the "Payments and Billing" menu. From here, users can click on "Enroll in DirectPay" to set up an account that will automatically pay bills each billing period. Also, on the National Grid website, click on "Make a one-time payment" under the "Billing and Payments" menu. Users can then check their current billing statement and make the payment online.

Many banks allow their members to set up automatic withdrawals from their bank account to pay their bills. Individuals should go to their bank's website to set up an automatic payment schedule through their personal bank account.

National Grid processes credit and debit card payments through Western Union Speedpay. Residential and commercial customers both incur an extra charge for this service. This service fee is charged by Western Union and not National Grid. Unlike bank account payments, credit and debit card payments cannot later be canceled.