How Do You Pay Medical Bills Through Grant Money?


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Government grants are not awarded to individuals seeking to pay personal medical bills, but grant money is given to government assistance programs and charities that provide assistance to people in need, according to GrantSpace. Monetary gifts and loans are offered by some local organizations and individuals.

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Individuals seeking help for medical bills need to check with local and state government offices for information about programs that help people pay medical expenses, recommends Nolo. City government representatives and local social services agencies are places to seek further information about programs. Many hospitals and medical clinics have programs that reduce the cost of medical bills, or cover the entire cost, but only for people who meet eligibility requirements. Medical bill assistance from hospitals is doled out to qualified individuals based on criteria such as level of income and savings. Alternatively, the hospital ombudsperson is an advocate who goes to bat for patients with billing disputes.

Patients seeking financial assistance for medical bills can turn to medical billing advocates. Medical billing advocates understand the complexities of medical bill codes and go over each bill checking for costly errors. Medical bill advocates assist patients with appealing insurance company denials and negotiating reduced fees with medical providers, explains Nolo. Financial assistance is sometimes found through support groups for specific medical problems such as cancer.

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