How Do You Pay a Kohl's Bill Online?

Pay the bill for a Kohl's credit card online through My Kohl's Charge. Access this site by going to the main Kohl's site and clicking the My Kohl's Charge link. You must register through the site to access your account information.

Pay your credit card through the site or through the Kohl's mobile app. Kohl's does not charge any fees for using its mobile app. To register online, you must provide your Kohl's credit card number and complete the registration process. When enrolling for My Kohl's Charge using a desktop or laptop computer, you are required to create a user name and password to use the site. By registering, you can also view your account statements online. You can also use the site to enroll in an SMS alert system about your Kohl's charge account. These messages can tell you information such as your account balance, your credit availability and your recent transaction history. When paying your bill through the site or app, you must provide your bank information to pay your Kohl's credit card bill. You cannot use another credit card to pay your bill online. Bills can also be paid via phone, mail or at your nearest Kohl's store.